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This I Believe

These are difficult days for many at this time. More so for those who are experiencing loss of some kind.

Yesterday I heard the news of the death of a gentleman who had been on our prayer list here at Braehehad House. Those of us who had been praying for him were sad to hear of his passing.

We will continue to pray, giving thanks for his life, that now he is safe in the Father's hands for all eternity; and we will continue to pray God's comfort for his wife and all the family.

At times like this it is important that we hold fast to our faith, and that we continue to trust in the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I offer you this prayer to say today. It is from a book of prayers I bought many years ago.


This I believe,

That you are true and can be trusted

to the end of time, and then beyond, to whatever is

when time's no more.

This I believe,

that you are LOVE, love that goes with me

through the joy, the pain, the faith, the doubt,

and all the tangled threads that make my days,

and holds me fast.

This I believe,

that you are LIFE, life that renews me,

though the body age and senses fail,

life, with the vibrant power to vanquish death.

WAY for my feet,

goal for my journey's end;

my faith is marred with doubt,

my living scarred by sin;

I have no claim upon you,

yet, your love is such

that you have said,

" I will be with you always"


Peace be with you this day.

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