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Leaping for Joy

Had everything gone to plan, I should not be here in Scotland at this time. I should have been many miles away across the ocean in Charlotte North Carolina for a friends wedding. When it became evident that flights to the States would be cancelled, I though, "O well, never mind, I can still holiday in Scotland", but of course that was not to be either, and so, here I am, like everyone else, at home in my own wee "bit"

But, a plan came into being, I decided to move my bedroom, so that I had a different outlook, kid on that I was on holiday.

My new view lets me look down the valley to the village of Crossford. I can see people walking along the Clyde walkway, cars crossing the bridge, and when I lift my eyes i can see the rolling green hills that lead up towards the tiny hamlet of Tillietudlem. A true feast for the eyes, which lifts my spirit.

One thing that gives me great pleasure at the moment is what's in the field directly under the bedroom window. In it are sheep, and around a dozen lambs. The lambs are at that kind of "mad" stage. Every so often they come together and start charging up and down the field, and then they leap up and down as if they had springs in their feet. Each time I see it, my heart leaps for joy, and I thank the Lord for simple pleasures.

I was reminded of a man in the Bible whose legs and heart leaped for joy.

A man who had been crippled from birth, and whose life had shrunk to sitting outside the temple gate called Beautiful each day begging for money. Life not what he had hoped it would be, not much to make his heart sing.......... but all was soon to change.

Two of Jesus disciples were on their way to the temple to pray and they met the beggar at the gate who asked them for money.

They had no money to give him, but instead gave him something more precious, they spoke the name of Jesus to him, and lifted him onto his feet, and he was able to walk. And like the lambs in the field below my window, he was off and running and leaping and praising God. Life does not always turn out the way we had hoped it would, but the Saviour is always close to hand.

I pray that today you will find occasion to leap and sing for joy as you look out on God's creation, and know the power of the Saviour's healing touch in your lives.

God bless.

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