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Wednesday 29th April

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning friends,

We are now more than half way through our reflections on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Today we consider the “Fruit of the Spirit is Goodness”

What does it mean to be good?

Just think of all the ways that we use the word, good.

It is a greeting, “good morning.” It is used to describe an event, “good times” or a meal, “good food”.

If children behave they are told "good boy" "good girl"

We want to hear “good news”. “Good job” are words of praise for how a job was done.

While we use this word often, do we think about what it means? Especially when we consider how God views goodness. And, what we can learn from Scripture about how God views goodness in our lives.

We know that God is good and that we were created in God’s image.

That being the case we all have the potential to grow into to goodness of God.

As we begin to ask the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, little by little our character is transformed.

In the areas of our lives where we once held onto sin, we can begin to see the fruit of the Spirit and reflect God’s character.

Paul tells that that in Christ our old lives are put to death, we are new creations, but the enemy us always afoot trying to tempt us away. So it is important we keep looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our Faith.

In Jesus we have the perfect role model to look to when it comes to understanding the best way to live in goodness.

The life of Jesus Christ is the perfect example of goodness, and his entire ministry is an example of God’s goodness toward humankind.

The one who is the Good Shepherd constantly ministers to his flock.

And,Jesus displayed the Fruit of the Spirit in its ripened form.

“Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.”

Our task is simply to look to Jesus, to focus our eyes on him, and let the Spirit lead us into all goodness.

Not so that we may look “good” but that at the heart of our being we may be filled to overflowing with Christ, and leak goodness out to others around us.

A song to pray today By Ian White, Little Misty Music.

Focus my eyes on You; O Lord, Focus my eyes on You;

To worship in spirit and in truth Focus my eyes on You.

Turn round my life to You, O Lord, Turn round my life to You;

To know from this day You’ve made me new, Turn round my life to You.

Fill up my heart with praise, O Lord, Fill up my heart with praise;

To speak of Your love in every place, Fill up my heart with praise.

May God bless your day

May God bless your day.

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