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Good morning friends,

One of the things about lockdown is that I’ve had time to sort through books, and DVD’s and CD’s, getting them all in order again. One of the CD’s I found is called “There is One among us” complied by Wild Goose Worship Resources.

It’s full of short songs which speak of Jesus in the midst of our everyday lives.

A reminder to me that Jesus is to be found in both the ordinary and the extraordinary, that we can meet him sometimes when we least expect it.

I had a wee experience of that yesterday evening when I was out for my evening stroll.

I have often met two men with their two dogs over the years when I’ve been on the Clyde walkway. One of them always made me smile, for when we passed each other he would “doff” his hat and say “good day”, as if he were gentry and I was a lady.

Since lockdown however, I have been aware of only one man with the two dogs and I’ve wondered if the other was ok. So last night I asked, “Is your friend doing ok, I’ve missed seeing him?” “Oh, yes he’s shielding, we are being very careful” was the reply.

And then.............he said, “thank you, your are very kind to ask” and, his whole face softened, his eyes shone, a lovely smile appeared, he raised his hand and said, “bless you”

I walked on with a feeling of deep peace flowing through my whole being. I felt as if I’d met “the stranger”on the road.


He was present in the temple, but not just in the temple..............

He was present where women made bread in the kitchen, and where women mended clothes in the sun, so that He could find the language with which to tell bakers and menders about God’s kingdom.

He was present in the synagogue, but not just in the synagogue.............

He was present where farmers sowed fields, harvested crops and hired labourers, so that He could find the language to let farmers and farm hands know what God intended.

He was present in an upstairs room, but not just in one upstairs room or at one special dinner...........

He ate in numerous houses, told stories at table, brought in uninvited guests, upset his hosts, and was called a glutton and drunkard.............And all this so that the marginalised might sample heaven’s hospitality.

He was present in the garden, but not just one garden...............

He admired the gracefulness of growing things, listened to birds, watched sunsets, and spent time on the hills alone communing with his maker while nature communed with hers.

He was present on the cross, but only because he had been present at other crossroads......

Scandalously present with a woman at a well, argumentatively present in a circle of legalists, , gregariously present at the wedding of a neighbour, sadly present at the grave of a friend.

He was present in the grave to dust the fear from death.

He is present now in heaven, but not just in heaven..............(Wild Goose Worship Resources)

There is One among us.............. yesterday, TODAY and forever.

God bless, and may you meet Him as you travel through this day.

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