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Oh the life of the world is a joy and a treasure,

Unfolding in beauty the green growing tree,

The changing of seasons in mountain and valley

The stars and the bright restless sea.

Oh the life of the world is a fountain of goodness

Overflowing in labour and passion and pain,

In the sound of the city and the silence of wisdom

In the birth of a child once again.

Oh the life of the world is the source of our healing,

It rises in laughter and wells up in song;

It stems from the care of the poor and the broken

And refreshes where justice is strong.

So give thanks for the life and give love to the Maker

And rejoice in the gift of the brought risen Son.

And walk in the peace and the power of the Spirit

Till the days of our living are done. (Kathy Galloway)

Reading : Isaiah 55 : 9-13

We are in the glorious season of Summer.

As I speaking to my three teenage grandchildren recently they were telling me that they were now officially on their summer holidays from school. No more home schooling Gran.

And although their family holiday breaks away have been cancelled this year, still they were in good fettle happily adjusting to what their lives hold between now and schools re-opening in August.

Summer holidays from school always started in my own childhood memories on the last day of term’s school assembly.

Our closing hymn was always,

“Summer suns are glowing over land and sea, Happy light is flowing, bountiful and free. Everything rejoices in the mellow rays, All earth's thousand voices swell the psalm of praise.”

This was followed by a blessing from the chaplain, and then........ we were free!!!

Seven long weeks, which, at that young age, seemed to me to stretch on for ever.

Weeks when I could roam from morning to dusk, in what also seemed to be days filled with warm sunshine.

Highlight of my holidays though, was a week spent with my Gran, when she and I would do simple things like knitting, baking, going for a walk along the prom, feeding the ducks at the local park, and long summer evenings sitting outside in her garden when I could listen to stories of the “olden days”

Now life is turning full circle and I am the Gran, sharing with my own grandchildren.

When I was younger I gave little thought to God the Creator, Oh I heard the creation stories in Sunday School, but at that time I had not considered how amazing the created world around me was.

Nor, did I really appreciate the love and kindness of my Gran.

It’s only as I am growing older that I truly appreciate the beauty all around me. And cherish each day as it comes along.

My Gran was the person who first pointed me to Jesus, and as I’ve grown older the relationship with Him is one that I cherish more and more each day.

Life unfolds for each one of us as it surely will, days of sunshine, but also days when it rains, days of laughter and days of sorrow, are all part of what it means to be human.

As I reflect on that school assembly hymn the second and third verses which didn’t mean very much at the time now resonate deeply with me.

God's free mercy streameth over all the world, and his banner gleameth, everywhere unfurled. Broad and deep and glorious as the heaven above,

shines in might victorious his eternal love. Lord, upon our blindness thy pure radiance pour; for thy loving-kindness make us love thee more. And when clouds are drifting dark across our sky, then, the veil uplifting, Father, be thou nigh.

God bless you


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