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Good morning friends, I wonder how you are doing?

I know from speaking to some of the people who visit the garden here Braehaed House that there are days of highs and lows as we continue to make our way through the lockdown and the lessening of it.

Of course that is life anyway, it was before the pandemic fell upon the earth, and it will be after it has passed. Truth is, we never know what each day will bring into our lives.

One of the wonderful things about being part of a community of faith is that we can be available to one another to listen, to share, to offer words of comfort, of support and just “be there” in times of joy, in times of sorrow, in times when life is just “jogging along” it’s good to know we can make contact with one of our brothers or sisters in Christ.

Good to know that we are not alone on our walk through life.

A song has been running through my head these last days is Eleanor Rigby. It speaks of folks who live their lives feeling that they are alone and the opening lines struck a chord within me.

“Eleanor Rigby

Picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been Lives in a dream Waits at the window Wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door Who is it for?”

These lines remind me that there are so many folks, myself included sometimes, who wear a face........a mask that we keep by the door, putting it on whenever we head out into each day.

A friend of mine used to say “ I can’t go out ‘till I’ve got my face on”....... she meant her make up!

Others might say “I’ve got my game face on” or, I need to have my poker face on”

All ways of disguising who we really are, or how we are really feeling inside.

I’ve been more conscious of this in recent days as the wearing of face masks has become compulsory for us when on public transport and when going into shops.

It’s becoming the norm for us now to make sure we have our face masks with us wherever we go, ready to put on at a moment’s notice.

These masks act a as shield, a barrier, to protect us and others from infection.

But, they also create problems, for it’s hard to read one another’s expressions behind the mask. And, one of our hard of hearing members told me, “I find it difficult to understand what people are saying as I rely so much on lip reading.”

I wonder how long the wearing of face masks are going to be part of our lives? I hope not too long, we will just have to wait and see, and be guided by those who are “in the know” about such matters.

However, I do pray for the day when we can all feel confident enough to take off the invisible masks that we don to protect us from showing our true selves to others.

A Meditation

Contrasting colours, contrasting masks.

Celebration and mourning, truth and semblance.

Few experiences are wholly sad, wholly joyful.

Death and birth walk side by side.

Life can be a fearful affair.

Put on the make-up,

put on the war-paint

put on the mask and hide!

Personalities worn like coats,

hiding behind a title, a position, a role.

We gather knowledge,

build pedestals with accumulated wisdom,

hoping to perch up high,

safe beyond criticism

and self-doubt.

Comes now a quiet invitation which pierces our defences:

“Be still, draw near,

let me tell you who you really are”.

There is one place where it is safe to remove the mask,

one gaze we need not fear to meet,

only one who calls us by our true name.


May God bless you this day.

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