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Good morning friends,

Yesterday was an important day for some young people in Scotland as marks were awarded for missed exams due to the corona virus. These marks would be awarded on results from prelims and from other course work, with teachers being the main ones to make the decision.

Result days are usually quite stressful, but it is even more so this year and already help lines have been flooded by children seeking advice.

For girl had this to say.................

“Ever since they cancelled exams, I've been worrying about what my final results might be.

I didn’t do very well in my preliminaries and I’m so worried about applying to University because I don’t think my grades will get me in.

I have been trying to calm myself down for a while now but it just seems to make me even more worried. I don’t really know what to do?”

I well remember when my own children were waiting for such results, sometimes they got the grades they were hoping for and much rejoicing took place, other times the results were not what were hoped for and a great cloud of gloom settled on the house.

My task as a parent when disappointment abounded was to encourage my children to see that all was not lost, that it was one day in their lives that would pass. They could move forward secure in the knowledge that they were loved, and that a failed set of exams did not diminish who they were in my eyes.

There is an event recorded in the gospels which speaks to us of the day of Jesus baptism in the River Jordan. In it Jesus hears directly from his Father that he is the Beloved, and one in whom his Father is well pleased........... Words of pure Grace spoken by Parent to Child, assuring Jesus of who he is and to whom he belongs, not because of what he has done, for Jesus has yet to embark on his ministry, but words spoken to give him his identity, that of being a Beloved Son.

Words that we all need to take for ourselves, for we are to live in a cycle of Grace and not works.

We love because God first loved us.

So, I wish you every blessing this new day, go into it knowing you are Beloved sons and daughters, of your heavenly Father.

And, as you go, may you be the bearers of this “Good News” to those whom you meet this day.

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