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Beloved of the Father

Good morning friends,

Sunday just past was the last Sunday in the Christmas season. The gospel reading was Mark 1: 9-12, the baptism of Jesus.

Jesus comes to the River Jordan to his relative John and asks to be baptised.

As Jesus is coming up out of the water, the heavens open and he hears a word from his heavenly Father. “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased”

What a wonderful moment for Jesus, for him to hear these beautiful words of affirmation, and note this.........before he began his ministry, before he had accomplished any of the work he was sent to do, he knew who he was told how precious he is to his Father.

And here’s good news for you for and for me, the Father is speaking these words over you and me today.

“You, are my beloved daughter, you are my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased.” Do you believe this? Can you accept this love?

It can be difficult to hear at times I know for sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking we have to earn God’s love. But, that’s not the case. The work has been done already because of Jesus death on the cross.

I can remember the very first time I heard the words “You are God’s beloved daughter.”

I was new into ministry and one day had to face a devastating bereavement in my immediate family.

I can remember thinking I should be able to deal with this, I should know the right words of comfort to say, I should be able to bring some words of hope...............but, all I felt was hopeless, helpless, useless, worthless, guilty...........all these negative thoughts caused me to feel I was carrying a huge burden.

I decided to visit a retreat centre, and while there shared my pain with two friends. After a time of listening they prayed with me, and for the first time in my life, I heard these words that Jesus heard. “Elizabeth you are God’s beloved daughter, in you he is well pleased.”

It was a moment of deep comfort to me that day making me realise that I am loved, not because of what I can ever do or be, the gift of the Father’s love is there for me to open and enjoy day after day after day.

Mother Teresa was one of the most gifted souls in recent history. Her very life was a visible manifestation of God’s love for humanity, but she also left us a profound reflection that should be read over and over again on a daily basis.

She wrote a letter to her “spiritual family” dated March 25, 1993, asking the question, “Why does Jesus say ‘I Thirst’? What does it mean? Something so hard to explain in words.”

Mother Teresa went on to write, “He thirsts for you. He loves you always, even when you don’t feel worthy. When not accepted by others, even by yourself sometimes—He is the one who always accepts you.”

Mother Teresa continues, “The devil may try to use the hurts of life, and sometimes our own mistakes—to make you feel it is impossible that Jesus really loves you. This is a danger for all of us. And so sad, because it is completely opposite of what Jesus is really wanting, waiting to tell you. Not only that He loves you, but even more—He longs for you. He misses you when you don’t come close.”

Something for us to ponder this new day,

God bless you,



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