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Reflection for Tuesday 2 March 2021


Expectations of God’s coming Messiah were many and varied. Most of those expectations included military might which would overthrow those who had oppressed God’s people for far too long.

None of those expectations included a cross, a public and humiliating death, weakness and defeat.

Human beings revere winners : the strong, the powerful, the famous.

Those who are oppressed , downtrodden and at the mercy of those in power do not look to a Saviour who experiences the same humiliation as they did.

No wonder Paul says both Jews and Greeks see the cross as foolishness, a stumbling block, a scandal.

Jesus, a poor carpenter from a backwater village, pulls together a small group of uneducated fishermen and despised tax-collectors, and a following of desperate crowds, gets into trouble with secular and religious leaders, and ends up executed for all to see.

Who would see God at work in such a failure?

Only those who have been saved through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection recognise God’s glory in Jesus defeat.

Only those like Paul who have been struck blind, rendered helpless, surrendered and have been given new eyes to see.

Only those twelve who watched their teacher and friend, once dead, now alive, wounded, scarred, but breathing the Holy Spirit...........only those like us, who have sunk so low, can testify to the foolishness of the cross.

Thank God, he uses the broken and wounded, the ignorant and needy, to be his healers in the world.

God’s foolishness silences earthly wisdom.


God of wisdom and power, too often we get caught up in the wisdom of this age, wanting you to fulfill our desires even when they do not reflect your will or wisdom.

Forgive us for demanding anything other than the cross.

Help us to rest in the saving power of Christ’s cross so that we can be a fool for him until he comes again in glory.



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