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"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God" Philippians 4:6

Healing prayers are offered after each Sunday and Wednesday worship services and  by appointment at other times.  Please call 01555 860716 to arrange a suitable date and time.

Prayer is also offered over the telephone and prayer for healing and support is included in daily dedicated prayer times (9am - 9.30 am)

We can now offer prayer appointments on the Zoom platform. If you wish to engage in this form please phone in to set up an appointment.

Prayer can be offered for deeper inner healing.


We are available to undertake prayer outreach if you are unable to travel.


An integral part of the prayer ministry at Braehead House is the intercessory prayers regularly said for healing in

people's absence.  This is graciously supported by prayer partners.  Our prayer partner Co-ordinator is Margaret Smith.

Margaret updates the list of those requiring prayer and also the individual circumstances of each person.  llnesses

of those on the list vary from serious and life threatening physical illnesses to issues of depression, stress, serious

concerns of different natures and pre and post surgery worries.


The prayer support of our prayer partners is constant and faithful.  Margaret keeps them updated and each month she

posts a prayer letter/leaflet.  The leaflet gives the first name and needs of individuals requiring prayer and often she is

inspired by the the Holy Spirit o write a poem of poignancy.  Margaret said "The words just seem to flow and they are

always relevant to the pictures included in the circulation".

The gratitude of Margaret for the loving commitment of the prayer partners is voiced often and she is always complementary of their dedication.

Year after year their dedication to the prayer ministry has been absolutely pivotal to the work we are doing here in God's dear name for the healing of people in their absence.


If this is of interest to you please call Braehead House on 01555 860716 for more information.



Answered Prayer

"I have been continually blessed by God through Rev Elizabeth Clelland and the team that serve God so faithfully at Braehead House.  The healing I have received has truly transformed my life.  Praise the Lord, his Kingdom has come to this place."                                                          Kaye


" I would like to thank you all for your prayer support, my beautiful grand daughter arrived safe and ell on 23rd April, weighing 7lb 13 ounces.  Her name is Cleo Belle Bankole.  There were a number of issues my daughter had during her pregnancy, so we thank God that both her and baby are fine now.  Please pass on my thanks to all".                                                                                                                                                              Liz


"I went along initially to Braehead House with my friend George to the Sunday afternoon service.  I was immediately 'taken' by the style and substance of the service.  Sitting quietly at the back of the Worship room, I listened to the sermon and the words went to the very heart of my own experiences.  The talk was about the power of words and the hurts that can come from them.  I had been badly affected by cruel words from childhood, I said my middle name was 'stupid'.  I went forward for prayer, and the tears flowed, I received healing.  Thanks to Rev Elizabeth and her Team; I am not the same person who arrived at Braehead House in 2013, I am more confident an much more self assured".             John

margaret Smith 2.jpg

Margaret Smith

Prayer Partner Co-ordinator

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