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God who protects

In Matthew's gospel chapter 14, we read the account of Jesus walking out to his disciples on the water after a storm suddenly blows up. The disciples are in a boat and are afraid, and call out thinking Jesus is a ghost.

He immediately says, " Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid" Then of course Peter walks out to Jesus on the water, begins to sink and cries out "Lord save me!" And Jesus reaches out and lifts him up.

They both get into the boat and the storm dies down.

The Bibles is full of accounts of the God who protects and rescues his children.

The Lord covers us with his feathers and we find shelter under his wings.

The Lord is a strong rock; he provides firm footing so that our feet do not slip.

The Lord pulls us out of deep water; in the mire of our distress he rescues us.

We need only to say " I am sinking", and the Lord is there to hold us up.

What a faithful God we have.

Go gently into this new day, in the protective arms of God.

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