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Be still....... and know.......I AM

Every evening during this time of lock down I have prayed.

I have given thanks for the blessings I've known during that day, and asked for forgiveness for sins committed, acknowledged any thing that has made me anxious, and asked God to hold my loved ones in his hands.

Every morning during this time of lock down I've woken wondering what this new day will hold, and asking God to help me through the day.

Because for sure, each new day presents new challenges to us as we try to navigate our way through this new way of living.

The words of Psalm 48 have been in my head since waking this morning.

The Psalm begins by saying that God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in times of trouble. Later, in verse six, it speaks about nations being in uproar and kingdoms falling. It seems that these words speak out into-our world situation today.

As we get daily, sometimes, hourly updates on the way the corona virus is impacting into our world and into our lives,we need to hear God speaking to us, telling us to be at peace, for nothing that's happening is outside his knowledge or understanding.

"Be still", he says, " and know" he whispers, "I am God"

Be still and know that I am God

I am the Lord that healeth thee

In Thee o Lord I put my trust.

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