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Honouring Jesus

The storm clouds are gathering, people are coming together, the stage is being set, and we stand on the threshold of what we call Holy Week.

But where is Jesus? What's he doing on the eve of Palm Sunday?

Well, if we turn to John's Gospel, chapter 12 v 1-8, we find he is at Bethany visiting the home of his friends at Lazarus, Martha and Mary.

Grateful to him for raising their brother from death, the sisters give a dinner in Jesus honour.

They want to show him hospitality. Lazarus is reclining at table, Mary is busy preparing the food for the guests who include the Jesus disciples. And Mary?? Well Mary is about to take hospitality to a new level. Mary fetches a very expensive perfume, bows before Jesus, pours the precious oil on his feet, wiping the excess with her hair.

Oil, used to anoint the head of Kings, oil used to heal the sore of wounds.

Mary tenderly tends to Jesus feet. Feet which have walked the country roads, bearing Jesus to places where he could preach the Kingdom of God, and heal the sick, and lift up the downtrodden and raise the dead. Feet which, in a few short days would become static, and bloody, and nailed to a cross.

So acknowledging Jesus kingship, and his vulnerability, his meekness and majesty, Mary bows before her Lord and gives him all the honour.

Judas tries to put a damper on the proceedings, but is quickly silenced by Jesus

And we read that the fragrance of Mary's action filled the whole house.

Tomorrow we enter Holy Week, we will shout our Hosanna's and perhaps place branches to represent palms outside our door, or put palm crosses in our windows,.......... But, for today, perhaps we can make a point of prayerfully honouring Jesus in our homes, of honouring Jesus in our hearts.

There's a hymn we often sing at Braehead House, maybe it can be our prayer for today.

We bow down and confess You are Lord in this place We bow down and confess You are Lord in this place You are all I need It's Your face I seek In the presence of Your light We bow down, we bow down We bow down and confess You are Lord in this place We bow down and confess You are Lord in this place

God bless you this day.

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