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The invitation of Easter

Across our beautiful, evolving world another Easter dawns,

tenderly inviting us to ponder upon wider truths and alternative visions.

Truths of both heart and mind that find their roots in the mystery and practicality of God.

Basic truths illuminating our often uncertain journeys, allowing us to reconnect with the energies of Christ.

That life does come from death;

That hate does not have the final word;

That the broken continue to sing with joy;

That the trees and mountains clap their hands;

That forgiveness resides in the heart of the human condition;

That love, with its multiple faces, remains our companion.

So Christ is risen!

Risen again in the midst of it all,

That in some amazing way, we too, may be a people of hope,

Who walk in the light, imbued with the Spirit.

It has been my practice in recent years on the Easter Sundays to invite people to share their Easter experiences for that year. I have always be amazed at the different ways Jesus has touched them during Holy Week and Easter Day.

This year of course, we cannot meet together, and hear from one another face to face.

And so, I simply invite you to note down and send in your experiences, and I will both post them on this page, and also a create a Wall of Eater messages here at the centre, so that we will all be able to see and give thanks when the wonderful day comes and we are able to gather for Sunday afternoon worship once more.

You can e-mail or send by Royal Mail,

or phone 01555860716

I offer the first of these messages.............

Yesterday morning, I walked out to the garden here at Braehead House at 6.30am to have the dawn service.

I sat before the cross, and read aloud from scripture one of the accounts of that first Easter morning, then had a time of prayer.

The garden was a place of calm and stillness, and the Peace of Christ was palpable.

All around I could see spring flowers and the birds were singing at the top of their voices.

As I walked back to the house, I stopped by the huge cherry tree which is full of blossom, and has a tiny bird’s house.

And there, was a tiny bird popping in and out, carrying in its beak twigs and moss........obviously making a wee nest...............a beautiful sign of hope, of resurrection life in our midst.

O, what a morning!!!

I look forward to hearing from you of your own EASTER moments.

God bless you this Easter Monday.

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