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THURSDAY 14th MAY 2020

THURSDAY 14th MAY 2020

Good morning friends,

Today’s reflection kind of carries on from yesterdays.

Jesus said “I AM the Good Shepherd.” John 10: 11 + 14

It’s a familiar saying to us, and one that we’ve explored many times.

The photograph above shows a shepherd I met while walking through the Pyrenees on the Camino.

As you will see there is a thick fog, and I had been feeling really anxious as I walked along knowing that there were sheer drops on either side of the pathway. And so I was comforted to see this figure appear out of the mist. He nodded to me and walked on leading his flock.

After sheep and shepherd has passed by I slipped in behind them and was led safely down the mountain to where my night’s accommodation awaited.

Having showered, rested, and had something to eat; I went over to the little church for the evening service.

As I stepped into the sanctuary I was surprised to see the shepherd sitting at a small desk waiting to stamp the Pilgrim passports.

The service progressed and the shepherd went to assist by reading the lesson from Scripture.

As always, each evening on the Camino, at the close of worship, pilgrims are invited to come forward to receive a blessing for the next day’s walk.

After the blessing that evening the priest came and sprinkled the pilgrims with holy water, followed by the shepherd who made the sign of the cross with oil on each of our foreheads.

“He leads me along the right anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”

For sure I was led by a shepherd that day he appeared just when I needed help, and my cup of praise certainly was filled to overflowing.

Jesus said “I am the Good Shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.”

We never know when we might need the Good Shepherd to guide us, to comfort us, to protect us, to heal us, to feed us, to bring us to a place if rest and renewal. But..............for sure he knows each one of us and when we call upon him, he will be right there.

God bless you as you walk through this day.

God bless you as you walk through this day.

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