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Good morning,

When I was 7 years old I got in a present a magnet. I was fascinated with it a carried it around with me stopping to check every so often different surfaces to see what the magnet

would stick to.

I didn’t understand the science of it all that only came in later years, when I began to realise the drawing power of my magnet towards other metals. Now as I sit in the office I can see magnets on the fridge, you will have them too, holding up pictures, words of encouragement, or reminders of friends who brought you one as a holiday gift.

We sometimes speak of people as having magnetic personalities, people who seem to draw others to themselves, which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

I spoke yesterday about how often people come to Braehead House and don’t know why they have come. Thinking about this I remember one of our friends, saying she felt the pull to come here was like a “magnet” drawing her up the driveways and into the presence of Jesus.

Jesus was certainly someone who had a magnetic personality, we can see this even at the very beginning of his ministry in Mark’s gospel. It occurs on the evening after a long day.

He has been to the synagogue, and taught the people there. As he was speaking a man began shouting and Jesus freed him from the binding of an impure spirit.

Jesus left the synagogue and went with his followers to the home of Simon and Andrew, where he healed the fever that had been ailing Simon’s mother-in-law. News of his miraculous power spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee, and we read,

“By sunset the courtyard was filled with the sick and demon-possessed, brought to him for healing; and a huge crowd of people from all over the city of Capernaum gathered outside the door to watch. So Jesus healed great numbers of sick folk that evening and ordered many demons to come out of their victims.” (Mark 1:32-34, TLB)

Folks from all over were drawn to Jesus. They were that evening, and they were drawn day after day through all his three years in ministry.

And still today, people are drawn to Jesus,

Someone described Jesus recently as being a “Magnet of Grace”

Everyone loves it when Jesus is in the house.

His presence makes a difference.

Things happen.

Mother-in-laws are healed.

The sick are cured.

Demons are cast out.

Lives are changed.

This is true not only for the people of Capernaum in Jesus’ time but also for us here and now.

Only yesterday evening I received a call to the house here at Braehead. It was from woman who wished to bring her friend to Jesus through the prayer ministry here. Her friend was about to have surgery, and prayer for healing was requested. And so, the prayers request went out from here to the prayer partners, who in their own homes will be channels of healing for Jesus.

May you encounter Jesus in your home this day,

God bless.

God bless.

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