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Good morning friends,

I wonder how you spent your weekend?

I spent part of it, as I do each day out walking, and I am enjoying having time to explore pathways and roads that I have not traveled down before. I have the privilege of living in an area of such wonderfully stunning scenery, and I keep stopping to praise God for the beauty of creation, it’s such a gift to the senses.

We are at the beginning of a new week, and so a new theme to reflect upon.

In yesterday’s web-page post we reflected on the blessings that come when we offer hospitality to strangers, and I’d like to continue on the theme of hospitality in this coming week.

As I began to think about the word hospitality I found that is a multi-faceted service. It can be given and received in both expected an unexpected ways.

I have shared before with folks the wonderful hospitality I was shown as I wandered the roads and tracks of the Camino Santiago de Compostella, and the photograph below is an example of this.

I remember the day I came across this couple.

It had been a long day’s journey in blistering heat, and I still had over 6 miles ‘till I reached my destination for the evening. I was feeling more than a little weary and also thirsty for I had run out of water. I knew from my map that there were no more stopping points for refreshing until I reached the wee hamlet where I would spend the night. So, I knew I would have to “dig in” and keep on keeping on.

Then,............... as I walked,........... I began to hear music, at first I thought it was my imagination, maybe the lack of water affecting my mind, but as I turned a corner, there was this couple.

It seems they take it upon themselves every day to sit on the Camino and play music as an encouragement to pilgrims.

It was really lively music, and it made me want to dance.

I tried to give them a few euros, but they waved my hand away. They were not there to make money, for this was their way of showing hospitality.

I set off in better spirits, giving thanks to God for them, and round the next corner came upon an table filled with bottles of water and packet of crackers, left there by others who had a heart for serving those on the way.

There was a hymn that was often in my heart as I walked the Camino roads, true then and true this new day.

“Great is Thy faithfulness!” “Great is Thy faithfulness!” Morning by morning new mercies I see; All I have needed Thy hand hath provided— “Great is Thy faithfulness,” Lord, unto me!"

God bless you.

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