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Good morning brothers and sisters

“To be in your presence, to sit at your feet when your love surrounds me, and makes me complete This is my desire, o Lord, this is my desire this is my desire, o Lord, this is my desire To rest in your presence, not rushing away to cherish each moment, here I would stay” ( Noel Richards)

“I mentioned my dream one day, how wonderful it would be if the church could offer a prayer room for folk.

It wouldn’t need to be big, or fancy, but it would be solely devoted to prayer.

Not a room where debates are heard, or decisions taken, or conflicts, a room where hurts are offered for healing, where discernment is sought, where relationships are made whole.

Not a room that would need to be rearranged, so a few people could pray, but then has to be put back in place so a meeting can be held. But a place that might sit empty for days on end, just waiting in silence and hope for someone to need it.

Not a room where cast off chairs and other unwanted stuff is stored, but a room where the outcast can climb up into God’s lap and be loved, welcomed and affirmed.

Not a room where boxes of dusty files are kept, or that old out of tune piano Auntie Sadie gave to the church years ago, but a storehouse of silence of wonder, of new life.

A room where we can enter green pastures protected by the Shepherd; where we can look down the road and see our Parent sitting, patiently looking out of the window, longing to catch sight of all us prodigals trudging wearily home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if every church had such a room?”

(adapted from a reflection by Rev Tom M Shuman)

Wednesday of this week saw the completion of a prayer cabin in the garden at Braehead House. It will be open each day and is another wee space available for prayer.

So, if you happen to be passing, it’s here waiting for you.

d bless.

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