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Reflection for Thursday 25 Feb 2021


Reading John 6:35-40

"I am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty"

“I am the Bread of Life” one of the I AM saying of Jesus in John’s gospel.

Jesus, the Bread of Life resonates with sacramental language.

We cannot help but think about the Lord’s Supper when he utters these words.

Unlike the twelve disciples, we know what will come in the days ahead.

We understand the link between the bread of life and the soon- to- be crucified and resurrected body of Jesus.

Even so, do we consider Jesus to be the staple of our very existence? Our sustenance without which we would surely perish?

There are things we need every day of our lives..........a home, food, clothing, family and friends, there are other things we strive for......a better home....fashionable clothes..... a bigger car...a second car.......fabulous holidays.......things that bring us pleasure.........but all things that no matter how much we acquire leave us wanting more, hungry for more...........things that moths destroy, thieves steal, and leave us worrying about how we can protect what we’ve stored up.

Jesus words make us look at what will give us endless satisfaction we long for.

“I am the Bread of Life” reveal the promise and the truth that in the ordinary, necessary staples of life, he is present.

Jesus assures us that regardless of our striving after that which does not satisfy, the Bread of Life sustains us, nourishes us, never runs out, and blesses us even when we neglect to return thanks.

When have you felt hungry, physically or spiritually? What satisfied your hunger?

Do you think about Jesus daily feeding and sustaining you?

What is life- giving for you? How do you experience Jesus in those life giving moments?

PRAYER Jesus, Bread of Life, you sustain us through seasons when we fail to feel your presence.

You nourish us when we fear we cannot keep going.

You feed us when we are hungry for purpose, hope and healing.

You assure us that when we believe in you, we will never hunger and thirst again.

You promise that you will never abandon us. Therefore, we ask, “Just give us yourself and we will be satisfied.



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