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Reflection for Tuesday 16 March 2021


Reading : Mark 6: 6b-13

"Take nothing for your journey."

That’s what Jesus ordered the twelve disciples as they prepare to head off on their first mission trip.

In today’s terms, take no money, no mobile phones, no changes of clothes, food and drink................just go as you are and trust in God to make the provision he knows you need.

It may have made the disciples nervous, I know it would have made me nervous, to have no extras or back up for the journey.

What is interesting in this account is the way Jesus is very specific about clothing. Bring one tunic, and one pair of sandals.

Be unencumbered and ready to move. Do not be weighed down with baggage, but be open to the hospitality of whoever offers you a meal, a room, a set at their table, and a place in their home.

Shoes for mission must be sturdy, comfortable, and appropriate for all terrain.

Sandals in Jesus day and climate fit that bill. Sandals were easily removed, dust shaken off, feet readily washed. That meant the wearer could enter and leave a town, and a home and leave without delay.

If we seek to serve, our shoes must also reflect our willingness to go wherever Jesus sends us, to whoever welcomes us.

Shoes for mission allow for those sent to jump into mission with both feet.

Clothing ourselves for mission calls us to pack light, and to be ready to ditch all that is not necessary for the journey.

Shoes for mission must be ready for anything.


Lord Jesus, your clear instructions test our ability to trust you and others.

We want to pack items for every conceivable circumstance.

You call us to let go of whatever holds us back from freely going where you send us.

You teach us to rely on the hospitality of strangers and promised provision of God.

Help us from today to leave behind that which encumbers our faithfulness to you and put on shoes for mission.



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