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Reflection for Tuesday 23 Feb 2021


Today's reading( Mark 7:24-30)

"Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the children's crumbs"( Mark 7 : 28)

The story of the Syrophoenician woman, a double outsider, brings up a hurt. A wound of being dismissed, unseen, undervalued.

She comes to Jesus on behalf of her daughter.

Jesus speaks of the “least of these” being important, and yet, here he is dismissing this mother, and her child. Turning her away with a quip about dogs not eating the children’s food, the children who are worth, not her daughter.

Does Jesus not care about them, has the Son of man grown callous to those outside his tribe?

We feel puzzled by this response............., and yet how often have we behaved in the same manner? Turning away from hurt, desperation, pain, pretending the need is not my concern?

The woman does not give up, she refuses to listen to the words which tell her that she and her family don’t matter.

Her response if full of dignity. She accepts the label, but says, even so, I deserve your regard, your power to heal. Just that too much to ask.............just crumbs..for me for my child..............

She did not slink away, she stood her ground, told her truth, and asked for what she needed.

She asked and she received, but it took mountain-sized faith not to back down.

Jesus sees her courage, sees her, and stretches beyond the boundaries to heal and restore.

During this time of Lent we have an opportunity to ponder and examine our lives.


1 Are there people we disregard and think unworthy of our concern? Who are the outsiders in our on context?

2 Have you ever begged God for help for yourself or on behalf of another? What happened?

3 As you see crumbs or table scraps today, consider who is in need of your care and how you might offer them more than leftovers.


Lord Christ, as we go about our daily work and routines, help us to truly see those in our midst who are too often dismissed or disregarded.

Forgive us for the times we have acted as if the sufferings of our fellow human beings were not our concern.

Grant us the faith to offer abundant grace, mercy and compassion, much more than crumbs, in your name.



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